Fitness Center


Club Members

  • Single Person - $19.50/month, Payroll Deduction $16.00/month

  • Family - $29.50/month, Payroll Deduction $26.00/month

  • Note* Restrictions to family memberships include only dependents as defined by Michelin benefit guidelines and must be 16 years of age or over. Drop in fee $3.50/day 


  • Non Members Single - $42.25/month Non Members with members drop in fee $5.25/day

Equipment Available

  • 3 station multi gym, leg extension, chest press and lower row cable, lat pull down bar, chest fly Machine and abdominal cable

  • Powerblock free weights 5-50 lb pair

  • Powerblock free weights 5-85 lb pair

  • Functional Trainer 360 Cable Machine

  • Over 300 lbs free weights with Olympic curl and straight bars

  • 2 treadmills

  • 1 upright bike

  • 1 recumbent bikes

  • 1 stepper

  • 2 elliptical machines.

  • You will also see stability balls, medicine balls, tubing, balance boards and mats