Since 1979, club members have operated the Social Club as a not-for-profit society and a stand alone entity under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia. We have led the effort to provide social and recreational opportunities to our employees, retirees and the community. We use all funds generated to maintain and improve our facilities which includes a main gymnasium, fitness center, social area and lighted ball field.


Our Mission

To promote indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities for Michelin Tires Manufacturing Company of Canada Limited employees and members of their families.

We have been serving our members and members of our community for over 40 years and look forward to continually improving for years to come.
— Don Dodman, Club Manager , 30 years experience

What We've Achieved

  • Installed ball field lgihts in 1998 a 60,000 investment.

  • Worked with local Recreation Departments to establish fitness and other programs during daytime hours.

  • Renovated the main gymnasium in 2018 to include new basketball structures with glass backboards an replaced the main floor with a new synthetic rubber surface.

  • renovated the upstairs members area in 2015.

  • added a children’s playground area in 2005.

  • Added a fitness center with commercial grade equipment in 2000.

  • Initiated and assisted in funding the railway trail spur to connect our club and Michelin to the trail system. 2019

  • Currently looking to renovate the Kitchen area 2019-2020 projected.