Niccole Kaulback Pic.jpg

niccole kaulback

Niccole has been the club president for the past two years and has a daughter Sophie and husband Caleb. Niccole enjoys boating in the local area.

Brina Plunkett Pic.jpg

Brian plunkett

Brian enjoys riding his motorbike and checking out the local sights. He has a son Riley that keeps him busy.

Matt Roberts.jpg

Matt roberts

Hockey and soccer dad. Matt and his wife Karen enjoy their three children, life at the camp and the fast paced lifestyle it all brings. Always smiling they can be found involved in everything their kids do.

Frank Babineau Pic.jpg

Frank Babineau

Frank with wife Monica and two daughters enjoy a french background. Frank is also a Kinsmen but can also be found at nearly every club BBQ behind the grill serving up hamburgers and hot dogs for patrons.

David Whynot.jpg

Dave Whynot

Dave is a very active person with the New Germany Lions Club and keeping up with his grandson Tyler. Always a bit of a character, Dave is a hard working guy with a big heart who enjoys helping where he can.

Barry Mills.jpg

Barry Mills

Pickleball player extraordinaire, Barry enjoys this fast growing sport. Barry also can be found out and about with wife Eileen on their side by side or camping in their trailer.

Blair Veinot Web1.jpg

Blair Veinot

Recently retired from Michelin with 39 years of service. I enjoy life with my wife and son.  I enjoy motorcycling and traveling. 

Justin Smith pIc.jpg

Justin Smith

Justin and his wife Kate have a growing family that eats up nearly almost all of his free time. With always too many things on the go this busy family enjoy spending time with each other participating in a wide variety of activities with their daughters.

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Daniel Clarke

A Newfoundlander and physiotherapist by trade, Danny enjoys helping getting people back to health and work. He likes working with people and still finds time to enjoy his young family.

Dion McKay Pic.jpg

Dion McKay

Dion has his hands full with his young son and is enjoying every minute of it. Dion participates in local theater and enjoys finding different, cool and neat things to do with the family.

Paul Holt Pic.jpg

Paul holt

Paul has recently moved into a new house and is enjoying all the work that comes with it. With multiple children he is currently enjoying trying to keep up with their hectic lifestyle.